All memberships below receive:

  • Global access to all ASCEND facilities
  • Yoga and fitness classes
  • 10% off in retail shops
  • Free entry for new ASCEND guests (one per day)
  • Workshop and event discounts
  • Special giveaways, incentives, and sales
  • Monthly Mega Perks
  • Unlimited climbing, with all your friends!
Auto-Renewing (EFT) Month Membership

Billed on the 1st of each month.










Youngstown - Start Here

Household (EFT) Month Membership
Two for $120 + $50 per

Household memberships are a one-size-fits-all membership, where pricing is based on head-count rather than age or discount status, and where one person will serve as the responsible billing party.

NOTE: Current EFT Members who wish to transfer to a Household EFT Membership must do so at the front desk (cannot be done online). New members, please use the button below or visit the front desk.

Youngstown - Start Here

Prepaid Month Membership

Prepaid, up-front. No freezes allowed.