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Program Details

A rock climbing field trip is an amazing way to provide exciting and enriching activities for students. Kids love to climb and it is great for their physical, mental, emotional and social health. Climbing requires so many skills that translate into the real world - perseverance, self and situational awareness, visualization, problem solving, sequencing, team work as well as traditionally academic skills like engineering, physics, design, industry safety, logistics and customer service.

Who: ASCEND’s Field Trip Program is open to local elementary, middle and high schools. Our recommended age range is 8-18.

What: 2 hours of climbing with dedicated ASCEND coaches. Activities may include bouldering, top roping, auto belay climbing, slacklining, yoga, games, and more! All necessary equipment is included.

When: Field trips can be scheduled during non-peak hours - weekdays between 9am-5pm.  Availability is limited during summer months. All events must be scheduled at least one month in advance to ensure that we can staff the appropriate number of coaches.

Where: Any ASCEND Climbing location. Your group would have access to our climbing areas, cubbies for storage, tables, and chairs for snacks or educational time and potentially conference rooms for extra quiet or privacy.

  • ASCEND Erie

  • ASCEND South Side

  • ASCEND Point Breeze

Why:  Cuz kids love to climb and it’s really good for their holistic development!

How:  We’ll work with you to plan a great event. Adult chaperones are required.

  • All participants and chaperones must have a completed waiver on file. This should be completed ahead of time online. Anyone under 18 must have their waiver completed by their legal parent or guardian, not teachers, group leaders or other adults. Paper waivers are available if absolutely needed and may result in additional processing fees.

  • Organizers are responsible for providing a list of participants well ahead of time to ensure all waivers are completed.

  • Bus parking is available at all locations.

  • Prices are as follows. Financial assistance may be available.

    • 1-5 participants - $225

    • 6-10 participants - $300

    • 11-15 participants - $400

    • 16-20 participants - $500

    • 21-25 participants - $600

    • 26-30 participants - $700

    • 30+ participants - Email youth@ascendclimbing for individual pricing and accommodations

Sample Field Trip Plan

  • Hour 1: Arrival and Check In, Gear up, Learn about climbing gym rules and etiquette, Split into small groups for bouldering time

  • Hour 2: Review how bouldering went, Snack and drink break if needed, Learn about the roped wall, Auto belay and top rope climbing time, Wrap up and congratulations!

Field trip plans can often be adapted to meet your needs and goals. We can easily add more educational activities, have a team building focus or incorporate other activities like slacklining, yoga, games and more!