Class Descriptions

Read about the yoga classes we offer below. View the schedule and reserve your spot here!

Awake + Meditate

Techniques and themes to support stress resilience, connect with our senses, encourage expansive awareness to ease the demands on the modern mind. 

Feel connected and light.

Rest + Renew

Restorative and yin-like postures to soften into poses and fully relax, guided meditation, intention setting and breath work.

Feel rested and rejuvenated.

Slow + Steady

Slow and gentle flow with longer holds to stretch, strengthen and build a strong powerful flow. 

Feel nourished and grounded.

Kinstretch ® Functional Mobility

A movement enhancing system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and usable range of motion by focusing on improving the function and capacity of every joint in your body. Isolate and learn how each part of your body moves, and then integrate dynamic movement in playful task-based movement.

Feel aware and mobile.

Focused + Informed

Explore and develop the building blocks for a strong and safe practice. This mobility flow focuses on independent joint mobility before requiring movements in a larger interdependent flow. Strong foundation. Strong Practice.

Feel calibrated and informed.

Create + Inspire

Creative flow that challenges strength, balance and flexibility and encourages moments of exploration and intuitive movement for each individual’s practice. 

Feel playful and energized.

Fast + Fluid

A challenging vinyasa flow connecting breath to movement, often including sun salutations, warrior sequences, arm balances and inversions to explore the physical depths of one's practice.

Feel strong and empowered.


“Re-learn” some of the basic poses in this workshop-style class. Really focus on alignment and what is happening with your body and breath through slow movements and detailed instruction. Build an authentic strong and safe yoga practice. Always keep a beginner’s mind!

Feel acquainted and equipped.


Breakdown fundamental skills required for hand balancing, often including strength and alignment drills, core work and sometimes an introduction to new shapes.

Feel prepared and powerful.


Acro combines yoga and acrobatics into a partner-based practice. No partner needed. Varying levels available.

Yoga For Climbing

Sessions will target a specific body region or movement. Learn and practice moving off the wall in ways that will help you on the wall!