ASCEND Projects

Always looking ahead

ASCEND has many goals, one of which is to provide access to climbing, fitness, yoga, amenities and programming to as many residents as possible in the areas in which we serve. This can only be accomplished by expanding our footprint, both geographically and facility square footage. We also see immense value in providing details to the public about ongoing projects, as soon as we are responsibly able to do so. See below for more information on some exciting projects we are busy working on!

ASCEND Bridgeville [wheel spin]

We'll be the first to admit frustration and disappointment with the delayed timeline for ASCEND Bridgeville. We signed a lease in January of 2019 and planned to be open in early 2020, but we all know that hasn't happened according to plan. Nonetheless, we continue to edge that project forward! We are still 100% committed to bringing ASCEND to the southern suburbs of Pittsburgh. As more information becomes available and the timeline comes into clarity, we will update this section accordingly.