ASCEND Projects

Always looking ahead

ASCEND has many goals, one of which is to provide access to climbing, fitness, yoga, amenities and programming to as many residents as possible in the areas in which we serve. This can only be accomplished by expanding our footprint, both geographically and facility square footage. We also see immense value in providing details to the public about ongoing projects, as soon as we are responsibly able to do so. See below for more information on some exciting projects we are busy working on!

ASCEND Erie [under construction]

Projected to be open late 2023

We are VERY EXCITED to announce that ASCEND ERIE is officially in the works! Just like all other ASCEND Climbing facilities, all ASCEND members have global access to any ASCEND facility. Punch Passes may also be used at all locations, as well as gift cards!

  • Here are the details you crave - 25,000 SF (bottom two floors of a 5-story ASCEND + residential building), bouldering terrain, up to 52’ tall rope walls (lead, top-rope, auto-belay), yoga classes and workshops, fitness and training areas, youth programming, slacklines, retail and concessions, group spaces, community events - the whole lot! In partnership with the EDDC, it will be located in the heart of downtown Erie at 5th and State, near Gannon University and Penn State Behrend, and is part of an extensive downtown revitalization project that the Erie community is incredibly excited for. Additionally, there has been an independent group, Climb Erie, working on opening a gym for many years now. As a prominent Erie climbing community voice, they are stoked to learn of our plans and are eager to assist in ASCEND's efforts. We are grateful to have the ClimbERIE team on our side, keeping the climbers of Erie in the forefront of everything we do. This is not just another gym to add to a list, this will be a place for a whole community of people, old and young, new and experienced, to gather, train, coexist, and to call home. Watch this video for more on ASCEND Erie. Here is a letter explaining more from their founder, David Bonner:

Open letter to the Erie climbing Community,

First of all, we want to thank you all for your support in our efforts to bring Erie its first ever indoor climbing facility. We have seen an overwhelming response from many and it has kept us motivated throughout these difficult times. Not only has the pandemic slowed our progress, but lack of available commercial property has not helped. Our community has been through it all and remains supportive and positive. We are excited for the next phase. Our partnership with ASCEND Climbing has allowed us to finally move forward and build the climbing gym that Erie truly deserves.

Common values and vision have evolved into this collaboration between ClimbERIE and ASCEND and ASCEND Erie will be the product. Our focus is on creating a community. Not just of climbers, but all residents of the Erie area. ASCEND Erie will be a place that this great city will be proud of, as a business, as a landmark, and as a champion for the city itself. Our name may not be ClimbERIE, but the values and dedication to the community remain. That spirit that has encouraged and motivated us through the last three years will always remain at the heart of ASCEND Erie and we look forward to serving you for years to come. Thank you!


ASCEND Bridgeville [wheel spin]

We'll be the first to admit frustration and disappointment with the delayed timeline for ASCEND Bridgeville. We signed a lease in January of 2019 and planned to be open in early 2020, but we all know that hasn't happened according to plan. Nonetheless, we continue to edge that project forward! We are still 100% committed to bringing ASCEND to the southern suburbs of Pittsburgh. As more information becomes available and the timeline comes into clarity, we will update this section accordingly.