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ASCEND's Acro Yoga program has been in development since we opened back in 2017. Throughout the years, its ebbed and flowed and evolved into a robust program led by numerous talented and dedicated teachers. The best way to get started is to just show up with an open mind, and the acro community will take great care of you!

Acro Yoga Defined: Acro combines yoga and acrobatics into a partner-based practice.

All-levels Acro: All are welcome, and the best environment for beginners.

Intermediate Acro: Intermediate Acro will build on the fundamentals. Participants must be comfortable with bird, side star, shoulderstand, star, and reverse star.

Acro Jam: This offering is for the passionate and growing Pittsburgh Acro Community. Come play, train, or get some solid content for your social media accounts! This will be an open jam to do acro safely without instruction, held in the yoga studio.