ASCEND Youth Climbing Camps

ASCEND's camps are designed to grow strong minds and bodies in our region's youth. Caring, experienced ASCEND counselors will guide children through fun and developmentally appropriate activities, such as bouldering, top-rope climbing, yoga, slacklining, and more!

2024 Climbing Camp


We are so excited to host the 2024 season of ASCEND Climbing Camps! See you this summer!

  • Camps run Monday through Friday.

  • Full day camps are 9a-3p and half day camps are 9a-12p.

  • Activities vary by location and camp session but generally include lots of bouldering, roped climbing, yoga, games, slacklining, and more! Our dedicated and experienced coaches will be staffed at a low child to coach ratio for lots of small group activities and personalized attention.

  • ASCEND Climbing Camps are great for a wide range of ages and abilities.

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What ages are best suited for ASCEND Summer Camp?

We recommend ages 6-14 for half day camp and 8-16 for full day camp. These are guidelines, so if you are considering enrolling a child outside of these ranges, please don't hesitate to reach out!

What will a typical summer camp day look like?

Every day will include activities such as bouldering, top rope climbing, games, yoga, hiking, crate-stacking, slacklining and more. Specific activities vary by facility and camp session. Our highly experienced and trained camp staff will be involved constantly by supervising, teaching, coaching, and encouraging each child. Participants will be supported as they choose their level of challenge and make new friends along the way.

How do I drop off/pick up my child?

For camp arrival, please park and bring your child into the gym. For dismissal, please park and enter the gym to pick up your child. Check our website for more location specific details regarding parking.

Is rock climbing dangerous?

Rock climbing is a wonderful sport but like any sport there are inherent risks. Kids will be climbing, falling, jumping and more during camp. Gravity means that all of these movements have varied levels of impact. Our coaches will be there to instruct campers on proper technique, practice necessary skills and lead fun activities. Being able to follow directions and control one's actions are great ways to minimize risks. Please discuss the following gym rules with kids before they attend camp.

Youth Rules and Tips:

  • Kids LOVE and EXCEL at climbing, especially bouldering. Unfortunately, they sometimes view it as a jungle gym when in reality it is quite the opposite! We want kids to have fun, but our guests' safety is our top-priority. Please help us take safety seriously.

  • No running on or off the pads, but especially on the pads.

  • Pads are only for climbing and falling on. Do not jump around, chase anyone, or perform gymnastics.

  • Approach the intended climb from directly in front of the start. Do not walk on the pads to your next climb. Simply said, get on, climb, then get off.

  • Give other climbers at least 15 feet of space and only one climber per route.

  • The downclimb is only for getting off of a topout boulder, not for climbing up.

  • Keep chalk socks inside chalk bags. Never throw chalk socks or anything else.

  • Fitness, cardio, and training areas are off limits for those 13 and under.

  • NEVER walk underneath a climber. This could result in injury or death.

Will you serve lunch or snacks?

Campers will have the opportunity to re-energize with a snack break every morning and a mid-day lunch for full day campers. We do not provide lunch or snacks, so please send something with them every day. Kids are also permitted to buy concessions from our front desk, and water fountains are always available.

Can my child climb after summer camp hours have finished?

Kids can climb after camp has ended for that day without having to purchase an additional day pass. That being said, our staff supervision ends at the conclusion of camp; so any children under the age of 14 would need to be directly supervised by a parent or guardian.

What should my child wear?

We encourage athletic apparel for climbing.  Be aware that climbers must wear a harness before climbing on the roped wall so clothing such as very short shorts or tank tops, as well as baggy clothes like skirts or hoodies are not ideal. Generally kids wear shorts and t-shirts. Wearing socks (especially above the shoe line) can often help prevent blisters if our climbing shoes don't agree with children's feet.

Is climbing rental gear included in the price of camp?

Yes, any climbing gear a child would need to participate in camp activities will be provided. This includes climbing shoes, chalk bags, and climbing harnesses.

Does my child need a current liability waiver?

Yes, every participant and visitor must sign a liability waiver in order to enter our facility. Individuals under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign for them. You can do this ahead of time on our website or in person at the gym.

Does ASCEND need any other info about my child?

Yes, be on the lookout for a follow up email before camp starts with a form to complete. It is important that we have accurate emergency contacts, dismissal approvals, medical info and so forth.

What is your refund policy?

  • 100% of your deposit will be refunded if camp is canceled for low registration or staffing related circumstances.

  • 100% of your deposit will be refunded if you cancel 14 days or more before your scheduled camp session.

  • 50% of your deposit will be refunded if you cancel within 6-13 days of your scheduled camp session.

  • 0% of your deposit will be refunded if you cancel less than 5 days before your scheduled camp session.

Should I tip the camp staff?

Tipping the camp staff is not required or expected. Although if you feel a staff member has positively exceeded your expectations, feel free to express your gratitude however you see fit.

Is it ok to enroll my child if they have never climbed before?

Absolutely! Our camps are designed to be accessible to all levels of climbers; from first timers to experienced competitors. First timer campers/climbers often need to pace themselves to avoid blisters or soreness. Our coaches will do their best to monitor and encourage self awareness, but it is ultimately the camper's responsibility to manage their body.

Do you offer day care before or after camp hours?

We do not offer day care before or after camp. Our camp hours are 9am-12pm for half day camp and 9am-3pm for full day camp.

My child has special needs. Can they attend camp?

We will do everything we can to include children of all abilities. For more specific info or if you have any additional questions, please reach out to us.

Are scholarships available?

Yes. We are committed to sharing climbing with as many people as possible, regardless of income.  Our Equity and Outreach Fund is available for financial assistance.