Walltopia Is Here!

The Walltopia crew arrived on January 13th and has been working non-stop since. They had the unique challenge of ASCEND being on the second floor, which meant almost everything had to be carried upstairs by hand… trust us, this was no small task! So, hats off to the hard working Walltopia crew for getting the job done, no matter how hard. Despite the extra time spent unloading the shipments, they're still on schedule and progress is being made everyday.Once all the steel, panelling, and hardware were on site, Walltopia began erecting the steel frames for the Cave, Top Out, and Arch Boulders. In order to be ready on time for Flashed's arrival in just a couple of weeks, they're currently working to complete the panelling for those three boulders before moving on to the Top-Rope and Training Walls. Another added benefit of completing these walls before moving on is that we can start setting some problems! Since we plan to open with well over 200 problems, we're psyched to get a head start!All in all, every day has been increasingly exciting and humbling. As we watch the walls go up around us, we're kept busy putting the finishing touches on everything else. We can't wait to see you all soon!

Photo Credit: Tom Robertson