Spring 2023 Rope Comp!

Get Ready!

ASCEND Point Breeze will be closed all day long on Saturday, April 15 for the youth competition. The entire facility, not just the rope canyon!

Try hard getting to the top and have fun with your friends for a chance to win some prizes! 30 brand new top-rope and lead climbs will be available ranging in difficulty from recreational, intermediate, and advanced. Competitors must possess a green or blue card to participate!

The top three finishers (18 people total!) of each division (recreational, intermediate, advanced) and category (men, trans, non-binary and women, trans, non-binary) will win prize packages that include chalk, carabiners, chalk bags and buckets, and more!

Other things you might be curious about:

  • You can show up late and leave early! If you end up placing, but are not present, no worries, you still earned your spot and will be recognized!

  • This is a redpoint competition, meaning, you have to make it all the way to the top to count a climb as sent. Your top FOUR climbs will count toward your total score.

  • There will be some lead only climbs, but mostly top-rope climbs available for all to try!

$10 Members | $40 Non-members | Free for Volunteers*
Sunday, April 16, from 10a-3pASCEND Point Breeze


*The USAC Youth Rope QE will be held all day on Saturday, April 15. We need lots of volunteer belayers and judges! Sign up for Judging, Belaying, or Lead Belaying. See Info Sheet for full schedule. Volunteers will receive:

  • 1 Ascend Day Pass

  • 1 Ascend BOGO Day Pass

  • Optional free entry to Ropes Community Comp on Sunday 4/16

  • Optional shirt from previous bouldering regionals

  • Snacks and lunch

  • Gratitude of our climbers, the gym, and the RCs!


To host these competitions, both sides of the tall canyon walls will be closed to the public beginning Monday morning 4/10. The canyon will reopen to the public at 3p on Sunday 4/16.

Community Rope Comp


A note on the scores below... Over the years, we've toiled with how best to run a competition. We seek a competitive, equitable, and accessible experience for all. There are dozens of viable methods, all with their faults.

For this competition, we didn't detail how the divisions and scores will work, but it could have been assumed that it would be like most recent Steel Town Throw Downs. As such, competitors self-select their division (REC, INT, ADV) based on some loose criteria we provide and their own belief in themselves. When tallying the scores, we try to keep you in your division, but move you up a division if you "grossly over-score" compared to others in your field. Sometimes this works well enough, but other times, like in this comp, things get really whacky. This could be a result of a number of factors, but namely when more competitors select the "wrong" division for themselves, based on our criteria and the routes that were set. Routesetters do their best to be consistent, but each competition is a moving target with new problems and a different set of competitors. The variables are immense.

All this to say, that since announcing the results live after the event, we've decided to make some notable changes to the final results posted below.

  1. In the rush of tallying, we failed to take into account the 5th and 6th scores to break up the ties. We've now done this and moved some people around.

  2. Because of the "really whacky" division placements this time, we've decided to move people both UP AND DOWN divisions if it made sense to do so. Previously, we've never moved people down a division, but it felt like the most appropriate thing to do for this competition.

Now, the prizes we gave away yesterday still belong to those winners. We're all winners, after all, right?! But for those of you who have now placed in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, but did not receive a prize yesterday, we've added a $20 ASCEND Gift Card to your accounts. If you didn't get an email about that, please email [email protected] to inquire.

Thank you all for understanding and for joining yesterday! It was a ton of fun to climb alongside you all and feel such positive energy.

Lastly, yes, I've told the setters about the orange 700 climb...