Schenley Oval Challenge 2022

If you're a runner in Pittsburgh, you've likely run around the Schenley Park Oval. This unique to Pittsburgh running landmark is just shy of 1 km, clocking in at exactly 992 meters or .992 km. The Schenley Oval functions as a pseudo track for many folks doing everything from intervals to just walking. This is the 2nd annual event built around and dedicated to that loop.

ASCEND Run Club is hosting a day of one-of-a-kind running challenges, fit for all runners!

Time trial to complete one oval loopThe format is simple... runners attempt to complete one oval loop as fast as possible.Time trial to complete one oval loop, RUNNING BACKWARDSThat's right... the same as above, but with a 180 degree twist!Max laps in 60 minutes (solo or with a team!)For those who prefer not to sprint. Start whenever you like, but confirm start with race organizers.Max laps from 8a - 2p (solo or with a team!)For those who prefer the grind. Start whenever you like, but confirm start with race organizers. 

Each runner/team will be hand timed by our race organizers with results sorted after the event. At the end of the day, results will be tabulated, and likely presented by overall, age, gender, and teams. There will be no prizes, no awards, no swag bags, no fanfare. It's all about your effort, your personal try-hard time, a little bit of fun, and maybe some friendly bragging that sets the stage for next year.


Here's what else you need to know:

PLEASE register before the day of the event.Try to show up roughly 30 minutes before your time slot begins to complete your registration, warm up, and get the lay of the land. If you're running late, don't worry! We'll just work you in to the next heat. The time slots are just to help us loosly plan.Feel free to time yourself, but our clocked time will be your official time.This is a FREE event, but runners are encouraged to make a financial or gently used running clothing donation, which will all benefit PUMPed To Run.If you'd like to help out at the event, send an email [email protected] and [email protected]. This event will be mega laid back, but we could use some help with registration, timing, and getting runners into heats.