Reel Rock Film Tour Summary

A big thanks to all who attended the Reel Rock Film Tour showing at CMU on October 14th, 2013! It was really great to see so many climbers and outdoor enthusiasts all in one place. It's certainly one of the best events of the year.

It was a great event with a huge turnout and over $1k was raised for the Access Fund! 

We appreciate the enthusiasm and support we received for ASCEND and we look forward to sharing exciting updates with you in the coming months. Get ready Pittsburgh!

Check out the message from Judith Scanlon on how much money was raised for the Access Fund! Great work everyone.

"Thanks for all the folks who turned up last night & gave generously to the Access Fund.  When all the ones and fives stopped flying we netted $1266, a 35% increase from last year! Not bad for a Monday night & a holiday.  Not only does this contribution fund a crack team of gorilla commandos who beat up people misbehaving at crags, it helps the Access Fund do all the things listed on its What We Do Page"


(Photo by Allison Pochapin)