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Meet Melina Costanza!

Who is Melina Costanza?

She is the CRUSHER who won the Spring 2019 Steel Town Throw Down! After the comp, she even flashed Men’s Final Climb #4, which no one else sent. AKA SHE IS RAD. We got a chance to get to know Melina a little better, and wanted to share with you! Read on to learn more.

(Side note: Melina just took first place at Collegiate Regionals in Speed, Sport, and Bouldering at Gravity Vault in Radnor, PA! She is headed to the USAC Collegiate Championship in Tennessee on April 26th.)

Let's get into it!


1) Where is she from and how did she get into climbing?

“I'm originally from Seattle, Washington, where I competed for the Vertical World Climbing Team. I've been climbing since I was four or five years old, when I joined an after-school climbing program through my kindergarten. I instantly fell in love with the sport, which inspired me to begin competing once I turned eight. I've been climbing and competing around the world ever since!”


2) What is your favorite climbing memory?

“I've made so many incredible memories from climbing, so it's hard to choose! One of my absolute favorite memories was from the World Championships in Arco, Italy a few years ago. All of my best friends from the U.S. Team were there, and we got to compete in one of the most historic locations in climbing on some of the coolest walls I've ever seen. Plus, the food was incredible!”


3) Where are your favorite places to climb outside?

“Because I come from the West Coast, I mainly sport climbed at Smith Rocks and bouldered at Bishop. I haven't had the chance to go outdoors much on the East Coast yet, but I'm super excited to hopefully spend some time at the New and the Red!”


4) How did you learn about the Steel Town Throw Down and what was your favorite part?

“I actually found out about the last Steel Town Throw Down because it was a National Cup; however, I wasn't able to make it out because I had some pretty big exams the following week. When people were posting photos after the comp and I saw how cool ASCEND looked, I knew I had to make it out to the next competition!  My favorite part of the Steel Town Throw Down was definitely how kind and supportive everyone was. Even though most of the competitors in finals already knew each other from climbing at ASCEND, I really felt like I was a part of the community. Every single person, from the routesetters to the front desk staff, made me feel so incredibly welcome. I can't wait to come back, hopefully for a little longer so I can also spend some time checking out the city.”


5) What are your 5 year climbing career goals?

“In five years, I hope to be doing a lot more outdoor climbing! I've always been primarily a competition climber, but I would really love spending some time checking out different crags across the country once I graduate.”


6) Where do you go to school and what are you studying?

“I go to school at the University of Pennsylvania, and I'm planning on majoring in physics and fine arts.”


7) Favorite color?

“I've always loved pink!”


8) What is your favorite animal?

“My favorite animal is probably the purple frog. If you don't know what that is I would highly recommend looking up photos.”


A big THANK YOU to Melina for answering our many questions and for being totally awesome. Melina is welcome back anytime, be sure to say “hey” if you see her around :)

 Email [email protected] if you have any other burning questions for Melina.

Photos by Tara Bennett.