Loteria Night - Feb. 25

Loteria is a traditional bingo-like game hailing from Mexico and we're featuring this fun game as part of an ASCEND Community Advisory Board social event and fundraising effort for the ASCEND Equity + Outreach Fund.

MORE ABOUT LOTERÍA: Loteria, a traditional bingo-like game hailing from Mexico, uses a deck of 54 cards illustrated with a different picture (of you, our community! see below) rather than numbered balls, chosen at random by a cantor. Instead of a bingo card with numbers, players match the image on the card chosen by the cantor to their own cards, called a tabla, each with a different, 5 x 5 selection of images (and a free space). Similar to bingo, when a row is completed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, the player shouts Buena! or Loteria!

Each game moves pretty fast, so we hope to play a good amount of rounds! We are currently obtaining donations from local businesses to give to the winners, so stay tuned for more!

 EVENT DETAILSSaturday 2/25 from 6 - 8pASCEND South SideYummy Authentic Mexican Street Food by El Colibri will be available for purchase!Help us make this a memorable experience that represents the unique faces of ASCEND's community members by submitting a photo of yourself to be used to create the game boards.