Hey, Heather! Staff Spotlight Series

1) Give us the basics!I'm Heather Decker, and I have been working at Ascend for almost three years now. I started out as staff member on the front desk for about a year and then became a manager. I live up in the South Side slopes with many pets. I currently have 2 dogs (Reggie and Athena) a snake (Penelope) and three aquariums. My favorite fish out of all the aquariums would be the my three pea puffers and yes, they have names (Mrs. Puff, Ms. Puff and Puffers!)

2) So what do you do when you're not at ASCEND?Outside of Ascend I do freelance Graphic Design under the name of Heather Rose Creative. I have created logos for local Djs, Blood Banks, Farms and more. I am lucky to work with a variety of people because of this passion. A random hobby I have come to love is hula hooping. Hula Hooping is a great work out while challenging your self to use the hoop in different way to create tricks.

3) Where have you been and where do you want to go?My favorite trip would be last summer when my husband and I went to Kentucky for a weekend. We hiked the Red River Gorge and explored some of the oldest bourbon distilleries in the world. It was hands down one of my favorite states I've ever been to. I hope to one day travel to New Zealand to hike through the beautiful mountains and valleys.4) Let's get personal, what are you grateful for, right now?I am grateful for the sunshine right now, the cold weather and over cast skies are starting to disappear, bringing in warmer weather. My hope is that the quarantine will end soon like the cold weather and bring in bright new opportunities.