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Halloween Party + Headlamp Climbing

Get spooked at ASCEND with Halloween activities for all ages! We will be hosting Halloween parties and Headlamp climbing at both Pittsburgh and Youngstown on Friday, October 30th.

Can't decide which to sign up for? Here's a spell for you, *Trouble, trouble boil and bubble, on Hallow's Eve you all get double!* You can sign up for both - a Halloween Party session and a Headlamp Climbing session!

Halloween Party Festivities
Live DJ
Candy Climbs
Costume Contest - Prizes for best Youth, Solo, and Group costumes! Costume must incorporate COVID-19 face covering.
Crate Stacking
Photo Booth
Prize Giveaway

Pittsburgh Halloween Party Sessions | 4P-6P | 6:15P-8:15P

Youngstown Halloween Party Session | 5P-7P | 7:30P - 9:30P

*Halloween Party sessions will be open for reservations as normally planned climbing sessions on the booking calendar.


Headlamp Climbing Festivities
Are you afraid of the dark? Please bring your own headlamp to climb with the lights out at ASCEND. You must have a headlamp to be on the wall.
Live DJ
Candy Climbs
Prize Giveaway

Pittsburgh Headlamp Climbing Session* | 8:30p-10:30p
*Headlamp climbing is an additional $5 for all participants. Non-members must still pay day pass admission upon arrival.

Youngstown Headlamp Climbing Session* | 9:30P-11:30P
*Headlamp climbing is an additional $5 for all participants. Non-members must still pay day pass admission upon arrival.


This year, along with masks and social distancing, we are adding a sPoOkY-sWeeT prize giveaway to our annual Halloween festivities to spotlight our partners and increase support for our Equity and Outreach Program. Your admission entitles you to be a part of the sPoOkY-sWeeT prize giveaway, but we also invite you to contribute more during your climbing session to help us raise additional funds for this sPoOk-tAcuLaR program!

The Equity and Outreach Program supports youth and BIPOC (black, Indigenous and people of color) communities to better learn about and access climbing, outdoor spaces, and environmental education, both within ASCEND and the larger community. 

These are a few ways ASCEND plans to carry out this initiative:

  • Provide transportation to and from ASCEND, as well as outdoor spaces
  • Supplement membership, camp, team, and other program costs
  • Prioritize youth-only climbing days, film screenings, speaker events, and other educational opportunities

Want to learn more about the Equity and Outreach Program? Reach out to [email protected]