Film Festival

Join us for a film festival experience that will include, climbing, slacklining, crate-stacking, local vendors, food, beer, and more! Once we've had our fun, we'll relax and enjoy the show!

About the Film: This film tells the story of 5 women converging on historic Hueco Tanks, TX, to embrace and celebrate the fiery girl gang energy that naturally happens when you get a group of strong females together. Coming from 5 completely different backgrounds in the U.S. and Canada, the climbers each have a unique personality, perspective, and approach to climbing. The film celebrates those differences and show that there’s no one way to “be a climber.”


  • Saturday, March 23

  • Festival at 5p | Film at 8p

  • ASCEND South Side

  • $5 Members | $10 Non-members (includes climbing access from 5-8p)