Family Climbing Package

Give the gift of climbing to a family you know and love!

This gift can be redeemed at anytime, will cover admission for climbing the whole day, and includes all rental equipment. Depending on the schedule, adult family members are also welcome to enjoy a yoga or fitness class. At ASCEND facilities with rope walls, this gift also includes an auto-belay lesson and use of the rope terrain. Essentially, the cost is $15 per person, which would normally retail for $27 for adults or $22 for children with everything included!Recipients must activate this package in person and in full at ASCEND. There is no expiration from the date of purchase, as this is essentially a gift card. Any additional participants must gain admission through other channels. For example, if your gift is for a family of 4, and they bring 5 guests, the 5th guest will need to purchase a Day Pass. Partial refunds will not be made available if fewer people attend than are listed on the package. This sale is final and there are no refunds or price adjustments permitted.

This package is intended to be gifted to others, not for your own family, not for repeat use, or to be used for general group discount pricing. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in honoring this request, which we will monitor upun entry.


1. Determine how many people are in the family that you'd like to treat, and see below for the coresponding cost. Please note that this deal is constrained to families of 2 to 8.

Family of 2 = $30Family of 3 = $45Family of 4 = $60Family of 5 = $75Family of 6 = $90Family of 7 = $105Family of 8 = $120

2. Click on the big yellow button below, which will direct you to our online gift card portal.3. Select "Custom Amount" and then enter the coresponding amount. You may only gift to one family per purchase.4. In the Message To Recipient box please copy, paste, and modify the number of people in the following message:

"I hope that your family enjoys the gift of climbing. Please inform the front desk that this is a Family Climbing Package for [insert # here] people. They will ring in a special product for this exact amount."

The rest is up to you! We thank you for encouraging others in your life to try climbing out. Who knows... you might alter someone's path in life for the better!