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Community Design Contest

And the winner is.... "Still Together, Not Matter The Distance"


This design won the ASCEND pandemic-inspired design contest and though the designers, Hannah Breidenbaugh and Sam Stucky, were entitled to 10% of revenues, they choose to donate their share toward the cause. Once permitted in society, please give them all the high-fives! Proceeds benefit the Pittsburgh Foundation Emergency Action Fund and the Youngstown Foundation.

On sale now through Sunday, May 31.



View all submissions HERE.


ASCEND is releasing a call for a creative, community-driven, pandemic-quarantine-inspired design by way of a public contest. The winner’s design will be placed on super-soft-t-shirts, which will be sold to our community for a reasonable price. 10% of profits will go to the designer, and the rest will benefit the Pittsburgh Foundation Emergency Action Fund and the Youngstown Foundation. ASCEND will merely recoup its direct costs.

We believe that calling on our community to help vulnerable populations is very important right now. And while we do have designers on staff, we think that opening up the call to our community will help keep our values at the forefront and allow us all to have some fun. Since many talented designers are at home with some extra time, we see this as an opportunity to raise awareness, engage with our community, and flex our creative muscles during a tumultuous time. Once we open back up to the public, all submissions (upon owner's consent) will be displayed in our gyms, perhaps as part of a gallery event!

Email submissions to [email protected] no later than Friday, May 1, 2020.


Submissions will be reviewed by the ASCEND creative team to ensure that contest guidelines have been met. Then, submissions will be presented to the public to select the winner! Once the winner is selected, we’ll work with the artist as we move into production and begin taking orders.


The t-shirt will be screen printed. Here is a 3 min video explaining the process. In the simplest terms, it means each color (includes shades and overlays) will be on it’s own screen. Please consider using limited colors, no more than four in your design. The color of the shirt itself will be incorporated into your color palette as well, so the sky's the limit! We’ll likely go with discharge printing, which will yield a more worn and natural look and feel.

Keep in mind that submitted work will be reviewed by the ASCEND creative team and will be co-branded and distributed through ASCEND. The ASCEND logo will accompany the design in some way, which will be a collaborative process with the designer, but will ultimately be left up to our design team. The A logo or word ASCEND does not have to appear as part of the design, but will be printed elsewhere on the shirt or on a visible tag.

By submitting your work you agree to give ASCEND permission to use your artwork. Anyone who uses this work will be asked to credit the creator. In the future, the winning design or other submissions may be used on additional merchandise or applications, but never without artist consent and payment.


  • Be creative with your ideas
  • Be true to yourself, but consider being inclusive
  • Do research other t-shirt designs
  • Do include a t-shirt color idea to your submission, we will do our best to source the same color
  • Think about what would resonate with our community
  • Please only submit work originally created by you
  • Consider submitting more than one design
  • Submit work in any of these file formats
    • Vector AI, EPS or SVG
    • PSD
    • PDF
    • Layered artwork would be ideal, but we can also accept .PNG files.
    • As a rule of thumb, make the artwork the size of an 8.5x11” sheet of paper


  • Deliver a file that is too small, or low quality
  • Design something with more than four colors
  • Don’t include language that is or could be interpreted as inflammatory, discriminatory, or stigmatizing

Best of luck to everyone, have fune, and if you have any questions please do not hestitate to reach out to [email protected].