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Membership Specials

ASCEND welcomes students and anyone else new to ASCEND with open arms and SWEET MEMBERSHIP SALES. Start your school year off STRONG!


Start your EFT recurring monthly membership anytime in August for only $0! Waive your prorated dues and startup fee! As per all EFT memberships, it begins on the day you sign up and continues through at least the end of the next month following that date, meaning that cancellation or freezing is not possible until at least one full month of billing occurs. It then continues indefinitely until cancelled or changed.

Online, use promo code BACKTOSCHOOLEFT when purchasing "EFT Membership - Student", "EFT Membership - Adult", or "EFT Membership - Discount/Senior" membership types.


Pick up a prepaid month membership for $49.50! That's 50% off!

Online, use promo code BACKTOSCHOOLPRE when purchasing a "Prepaid Membership - Adult".

You can also just stop in and we'll handle it at the front desk for you IRL.

This is not JUST for college students... any and all are welcome to take advantage of these specials!