ASCEND yoga classes operate on a first come first serve basis, so be sure to register by booking online using the calendar below (or by downloading the RGPro Connect app), calling in, or stopping by the front desk. Remember, please always check in at the front desk before heading up to class. A day pass at ASCEND includes unlimited climbing, use of our fitness equipment, and one class - yoga or fitness - which is obviously pretty awesome. If you're a member, register for any fitness or yoga class for free! For day pass and membership rates, check out our Visiting ASCEND page. To stay inspired, follow us on Instagram and watch the video below!



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All of our 60-minute classes will help students develop, maintain, and progress their yoga and meditation practice, while focusing on proper alignment and form. By specializing in a wide range of styles ASCEND Yoga is truly for everyone. If you are new to practicing with a particular teacher, please allow yourself a few extra minutes before class begins to discuss with them your level of experience and any physical issues you may have. Due to COVID-19, mats and props are temporarily not made available for borrowing. Note: You must be 14 or older to participate in regularly scheduled yoga classes.

Please register for classes using the calendar above and remember to always check in at the front desk before heading up to class, even if you're already registered. Thank you!


Awake + Meditate

Techniques and themes to support stress resilience, connect with our senses, encourage expansive awareness to ease the demands on the modern mind. 

Feel connected and light.

Rest + Renew

Restorative and yin-like postures to soften into poses and fully relax, guided meditation, intention setting and breath work.

Feel rested and rejuvenated.

Slow + Steady

Slow and gentle flow with longer holds to stretch, strengthen and build a strong powerful flow. 

Feel nourished and grounded.

Kinstretch ® Functional Mobility

A movement enhancing system that develops maximum body control, flexibility and usable range of motion by focusing on improving the function and capacity of every joint in your body. Isolate and learn how each part of your body moves, and then integrate dynamic movement in playful task-based movement.

Feel aware and mobile.

Focused + Informed

Explore and develop the building blocks for a strong and safe practice. This mobility flow focuses on independent joint mobility before requiring movements in a larger interdependent flow. Strong foundation. Strong Practice.

Feel calibrated and informed.

Create + Inspire

Creative flow that challenges strength, balance and flexibility and encourages moments of exploration and intuitive movement for each individual’s practice. 

Feel playful and energized.

Fast + Fluid

A challenging vinyasa flow connecting breath to movement, often including sun salutations, warrior sequences, arm balances and inversions to explore the physical depths of one's practice.

Feel strong and empowered.


“Re-learn” some of the basic poses in this workshop-style class. Really focus on alignment and what is happening with your body and breath through slow movements and detailed instruction. Build an authentic strong and safe yoga practice. Always keep a beginner’s mind!

Feel acquainted and equipped.


Acro combines yoga and acrobatics into a partner-based practice. No partner needed. Varying levels available.


Breakdown fundamental skills required for hand balancing, often including strength and alignment drills, core work and sometimes an introduction to new shapes.

Feel prepared and powerful.


Sometimes you need to take time outside of a class to hone in on the nuances of your practice. Taught by experts, ASCEND Yoga Workshops examine specific topics, poses, and forms in incredible detail and cater to aspiring and accomplished yogis. 


Intro to Ayurveda: Ayurveda, meaning 'science of life', is the world's oldest holistic medicine. Learn how to look at our bodies and minds through the Ayurvedic lens of the five elements. Kickstart your own self-healing journey using diet, lifestyle, and energetics to live in accordance to YOUR true nature.

  • ASCEND Pittsburgh
  • Monday, June 28
  • 8:15p-9:30p


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Big Free Yoga

Each month, ASCEND hosts a large-scale, community yoga class in the main climbing area called Big Free Yoga (BFY). The energy is truly inspiring and there's no better way to start your weekend! BFY is also a great way to give ASCEND's yoga teachers the spotlight and provide you with unique experiences. Basically, BFY is awesome and you should come. Here's what you need to know:

WHAT: A BIG FREE YOGA class! Bring a mat and a friend! Each BFY event will have a featured teacher and a unique theme. To save time, please be sure you sign your waiver online before you arrive (you only have to do this your first visit).
WHERE: ASCEND’s Bouldering Area
WHEN: 7:45a - 8:45a | Doors open at 7:15a
BONUS: Stay and climb for only $10, and rental shoes and chalk are on the house if it's your first visit!



Join the BFY Facebook Event to stay in the loop!

Private Instruction

If you prefer one-on-one or small-group instruction, we've got you covered! Read below, and if interested in getting started, SEND US A MESSAGE.

Private Yoga Instruction

  • Private yoga instruction is made up of either 1 or 2 students and 1 instructor to allow for personal attention, instruction and help.
    • 1 hour: $75
    • 2 hour package: $130, $70/hour
    • 4 hour package: $235, $66.25/hour
    • 8 hour package: $435, $63.13/hour
    • 12 hour package: $610, $60/hour

Small Group Classes

  • Consist of 3-10 participants and 1 yoga instructor, for a 1 hour class. Perfect for groups of friends or small companies.
    • $35/participant

Private Event (Adult Group Parties/Corporate Visits)

  • Typically scheduled and communicated through our Events department. From there, the Director of Yoga will plan to accompany these requests.
Cassie Stevens
Cassie Stevens

Cassie began her yoga journey in 2011. Yoga became a weekly ritual of self care and a way to find metal clarity and more physical strength. After developing a consistent practice she realized a deep love to share yoga with the community around her. In 2014 she completed her 200hr teacher training through South Hills Power Yoga. With a strong curiosity and belief in life-long learning she continues to enroll in a variety trainings and workshops. Cassie finds her greatest inspiration from Elena Brower, Erica Jago, and Mari Sierra.

She believes yoga should be made accessible for everyone. Inspired by her mentors she helped organize a free yoga program at her local Carnegie Library as well as taught “pay what you can” classes in the community. Cassie has recently collaborated alongside Frequency-528 creating a weekly pay what you can Silent Disco style yoga experience. Her classes often incorporate an inspired playlist and creative sequencing. A strong believer in the transformative power of breath and mindful movement. She seeks to uplift others through daily meditation and practice of yoga.

Clayton Weakley
Clayton Weakley

Clayton is a lifelong student of the body and the mind, and encourages others to be students of their own bodies as well. After working a desk job for years, he realized how sitting all day can destroy the lower back, hips, and neck. Over the last 10 years, he has passionately devoted himself to learning how to heal his low back pain and sciatica through yoga and mindfulness. Most recently, Clayton has incorporated Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) and Kinstretch to help facilitate the healing process, and increase mobility and useable ranges of motion. Clayton went to Pitt for his Master's in Exercise Physiology. For more of his personal mobility and climbing practice, check out his IG @clayton.moves or learn more on his website at

Dana Barone
Dana Barone

Dana's approach to teaching has been influenced by over 33 years of experience including numerous trainings & certifications. Dana is a Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer and Movement Specialist in Functional Range Conditioning. Her method of teaching has evolved into an anatomical gaze which is supported by self-care. Her hope is that as she assist you on your wellness journey, you are provided with the necessary tools to continue your personal exploration of curiosity & self-awareness... to teach your body to move safely, peacefully and purposefully both on and off the mat. It is Dana's wish that you experience the same love, peace, strength and stillness in your life that she is working towards in her own. 

Emily Fecek
Emily Fecek

Emily has been practicing yoga off and on for over 10 years. Following a discussion with the former owner of Transcend (now ASCEND Youngstown) in which she enlightened him regarding the complementary nature of climbing and yoga she began to take her practice more seriously. She took the necessary steps to make reality of a long-held and quiet dream of becoming a yoga instructor, keeping in mind the goal of eventually teaching with her local climbing gym. Emily was officially certified in May of 2020, has been teaching since June, and is beyond thrilled to help jumpstart a yoga program with ASCEND Youngstown. Besides yoga Emily spends much of her time in nature backpacking, exploring, and biking with her best friend; snuggled at home with her three feline babies; or cooking bomb vegan food with her partner.

Kalie Williams
Kalie Williams

Kalie started an on again off again relationship with yoga in college as a way to get more active and reduce stress but it wasn’t until after graduation when she moved away from Pittsburgh where she found that wherever she was on her mat, she was home. She went on to complete her 200-hour training with One Point One Yoga in the Spring of 2019 and in her classes aims to offer a sense of community and ease, offering the mind a time away from a world that can so often be demanding and ever-changing. While not on her mat, you can catch Kalie traveling (for work and play), watering her flowers outside of her row-home in the South Side or trying new local foods. Catch her around the studio, typically offering a restorative class or one with ease, and on Instagram as @kaliebee.

Kelly Paola
Kelly Paola

Kelly's yoga practice and teaching style is one of of focusing inward, breathing with intention, and tuning in to cultivate a sense of peace and gratitude towards the body. When she came to her mat for the first time, she developed tools to cope with both the external stressors of life and the inner workings of the mind, which led her to stay. Today, these tools are the foundation of her practice. Kelly feels passionate about sharing the release and stillness of mind she's found within the four corners of a yoga mat. In August 2018, she completed her 200 hour RYT certification at One Point One Yoga in Garfield. Her mission as an instructor is to help others build a yoga practice that is much deeper than the physical, encouraging students to focus inwards to find release and calm strength amidst movement. You can find her on IG @kk_paola

Kristen Boyer
Kristen Boyer

Kristen completed her 200-hour training in 2016 at Thank Yoga Studio in Columbus, Ohio. Curiosity is the driver of her own practice and she uses the same objective with her students. She does not teach according to any one lineage, instead offering choices and ways to relate and integrate. She uses music as a method to stimulate the brain to release euphoric thoughts and creative movement, allowing yoga to be a dance of fluid motion. We will work together to discover our breath and notice our bodies and how they operate, becoming familiar with ourselves so we can learn more about who we are and what we need. The flow is creative and instinctive, so it’s always changing, as we are. You can check her out at IG @kris10_boyer

Lauren Verzilli
Lauren Verzilli

Lauren continually surrenders to a life that is filled with unconditional love, fun, laughter, family, friends, knowledge, grace, the teachings and the practice of yoga, time well spent, meaningful connections/relationships, vitality and endless opportunity. Lauren’s first yoga experience in 2008 was uncomfortable, foreign, but also pleasantly indescribable. It has been said you’ve got to lose your mind to find your heart so she returned back to her mat in 2009 when she knew she needed something. She began meditating. Meditation inspired breath work, breath work inspired the physical practice. The physical practice inspired love; love inspired the desire to share. Lauren began teaching in 2011, she completed her 200-RYT through Studio Oxygen in Canfield, OH. Although she was trained Baptiste Power, she integrates her interest of psychology, psychophysiology, Buddhism, self-discovery and life’s questions and offerings into her classes. You can expect a challenging, awareness-provoking, powerfully peaceful experience. Lauren also holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Anthropology from Youngstown State University. You can check out Lauren’s IG @lauren_verzilli

Lee Rihtarchik
Lee Rihtarchik

Lee became a student of yoga nearly a decade ago when a college friend first introduced him to the warrior series. He was immediately drawn in by the power of the poses and the mental agility that a yoga practice cultivates, and he quickly began a formal practice. Lee became a teacher in 2015 to share his passion, and he has been teaching in and around the Burgh ever since. In class, Lee embraces a focus on breath and creates an energetic atmosphere in which you can safely challenge yourself both physically and mentally. Expect good music and a good workout, as his ultimate goal is to help each student discover the strength within themselves in a welcoming environment. You can check out Lee’s IG @omie_lee

Maggie Sestito
Maggie Sestito

Born and raised north of Pittsburgh, Maggie grew up being chased by her four bothers and playing competitive soccer. After the stress of college and the rigors of playing soccer became too exhausting, she recognized the need for a quiet space to allow her mind to slow down. Maggie loved the change of pace that yoga offered, along with the physical, emotional, and mental benefits that came from a regular practice. Yoga has allowed her to let go of (or see beyond) the little things that once consumed her and recognize the importance of taking life day by day.

Noah Bostick
Noah Bostick

Noah started practicing yoga consistently three years ago in his last semester of college. Coming from a very athletic and competitive background Noah has always been drawn to challenge. Even though his Mom had dragged him to an occasional class, until 2017 he hated every second spent in a yoga studio. His physical body could not put the pieces together and his ego ALWAYS took the front row seat.

Collegiate Track and Field, the decathlon specifically, brought a myriad of injuries for him. Physical injury was a constant companion, and the “fix” was rehab this, rest that when you can; power through this next competition, and THEN recover". In retrospect the physical trauma manifested itself on much deeper levels, in ways he could not understand until he found yoga.

Initially the aesthetic of yoga was attractive. “If they can turn themselves into a pretzel, then I can too!” Noah liked the idea of being upside down, building shapes with his body, and balancing to keep his athletic/competitive fire alive. The challenge of yoga asana, the postures and shapes we create, is what kept bringing him back. So, he dove in, practicing at first, then earning his teacher certification in May 2020.

Although Noah has learned that one cannot WIN yoga, he works to offer and find challenge in his classes. Some days challenge is a funky arm balance; some days challenge is sitting in stillness.

The yoga he teaches is for you. Yes, YOU! His passion is to help his students find appreciation, safety, and a feeling of “home” within themselves. Noah aims to create space for every human to be seen for who they are with what they have, and to feel nurtured and able grow. He hopes students use this approach to travel off the mat and feel empowered in everyday life.

Noah is confident in his ability to share the subtle beauty and philosophies of the yoga practice: nonviolence, truthfulness, moderation, inclusion and self-study in a relatable way.

Rachael Hart
Rachael Hart

Rachael first found her way into a yoga studio as a way to unwind after stressful days as a school teacher. Rachael’s journey into yoga began with Sculpt, a cross between a yoga and workout class. She completed a training to teach the Sculpt format, and with time came to have a greater interest in the yoga aspect of the class. Rachael then completed her 200-hour Teacher Training to better understand the power of the practice. What keeps her coming back to her mat time and time again is the mental component- not only does yoga challenge and work the body but also the mind. Rachael emphasizes breathe in her class, one of the best tools you have to stay present and deepen your practice. Rachael teaches a vinyasa style class and works to incorporate a variety of poses and transitions into her flows. Rachael is happy to help new yogis with foundational postures, and also enjoys designing sequences that enable students to find growth and noticeable progress. Through her class she hopes others will find a sense of community and grounding among many other benefits a yoga practice can offer.

Rachel Dobos
Rachel Dobos

Rachel was welcomed into the loving acro community in 2015. She was drawn in by the thrill of partner work and the excitement of being upside down. In 2017, she became a founding member of Steel City Slackers, a local resource for all things slacklining. Later that year, she joined the Acro Revolution family. You can catch Rachel hanging on a slackline around town, or see her do handstands on friends at her IG @rach.dobos

Sarah Hall
Sarah Hall

Since discovering yoga in 2009, Sarah has been on a path of curious exploration and intriguing discoveries and loves sharing the journey with her students. While instantly drawn to the therapeutic alignment of Iyengar yoga, she pulls inspiration for her classes from various styles weaving breath work, meditation, humor, and space into the physical practice. She received her 200-hour training at Schoolhouse Yoga and completed a specialized prenatal training with Amala School of Prenatal Yoga in Chicago. Sarah believes students shouldn’t have to fit the yoga, yoga should fit the student, and thus her goal for each class is to create space for students to cultivate and realize their own strengths and intentions, and to feel more united with the wisest parts of themselves.

Tyler Butler
Tyler Butler

Tyler’s mission is to bring himself and others into the joy of being and help eliminate unnecessary suffering.  He is a believer that we each have the conscious ability to use breath and movement to take ownership of our autonomic nervous systems and associated mood states, bolster our immune systems to prevent short and long-term illness, and ultimately improve overall quality of life. Tyler worked as an engineer and consultant in his former office life and gained a thorough respect for how excessive sitting and other sedentary behaviors create pain in our bodies. His classes focus on crossing the bridge between yoga and mobility practices to help develop joint resiliency. Tyler is now a devoted lifelong student of breath and movement and is currently studying exercise physiology, behavioral change, and health program planning at the University of Pittsburgh. In his classes, you can expect to be challenged, to engage your body’s awareness, and to feel a deeply peaceful resolution. You can check out his IG @tyler.being

Vahid Vahdat
Vahid Vahdat

Vahid is an engineer by day. By night, he performs partner acrobatics. His practice began as a hobby in 2013. When he realized he was truly in love with acro, he joined the performance groups ThaCrowBats and Pittsburgh Circus Arts Collaborative. Now, Vahid performs regularly at various events and venues around Pittsburgh, including the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh. Vahid loves acrobatics because it brings strength, flexibility, and focus to the mind and body. More importantly, it teaches you to empathize with, understand, and appreciate your acrobatic partner, both physically and emotionally.

New To Yoga?

New to Yoga? Welcome! Taking a yoga class in a new space can be an intimidating experience. We offer this information in hopes that you feel a bit more comfortable as you take a leap and join us in our studio. If your question remains unanswered after reading below, SEND US A MESSAGE and we will do our best to get you everything you want to know.

I’ve never done yoga, what class should I take?

We all have to start somewhere! We recommend ‘shopping’ around. As much as we aim to keep each style consistent, every teacher will naturally have their unique way of conducting their class. Find what suits you, but remember, sometimes what we like least is what we need the most. Be mindful. 

Brand new to yoga? Below are our styles listed from least physically challenging to most: 

  • Awake + Meditate
  • Rest + Renew
  • Slow + Steady
  • Fundamentals
  • Kinstretch® Functional Mobility
  • Focused + Informed
  • Create + Inspire
  • Fast + Fluid
  • Inversions

What should I wear?

  • Comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely.
  • Socks? We don’t recommend them, but that is up to you!

What should I bring?

  • A yoga mat (props are optional).
  • Water bottle. Stay hydrated!
  • An open mind.

Where do I register?

  • Spots are limited, so be sure to reserve yours HERE.

How long before class should I arrive?

  • You can arrive up to 15 minutes before the start time to claim your spot and settle in. Leave your phone behind, ground yourself and begin to integrate with breath in the present moment. 

What if I can’t hear the instructor?

  • Give them a wave over to let them know. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that, let them know afterwards. 

Can I bring my own props?

  • Yes! We encourage you to bring any props necessary to make your practice comfortable and accessible for your body. 

Can I drink water during class?

  • Of course, but put the lid back on to avoid spills. 

Should I tell the instructor I am new to yoga?

  • It is not necessary, but if you feel you want to do so upon check in.

Is it ok to look around the room?

  • As a beginner it is ok to look around the room, especially if you get lost and aren’t sure what leg or hand is where, etc. It is very important that you realize other bodies cannot and will not look like yours and vise-versa. Be more concerned and mindful of how you feel rather than what others and yourself look like. 

Is it ok to use the bathroom in the middle of class?

  • Try to use the restroom beforehand, but ya gotta go when ya gotta go. 

Can I keep my phone on me?

  • No. Please keep your phone powered off or on silent and out of sight (silent smart watches, too). On any given day, Americans spend up to 10 hours looking at a screen. The time spent in the yoga studio is not a time for cell phone use. We all could use a moment to disconnect. Do yourself a favor and take a break. Devices bring agitating energy into the space and are highly distracting to those around you. Like a flight attendant, the instructor may come around and ask you to power off your phone and put it away. If you must be by your phone due to an impending emergency or important alert (on call doctor/midwife, sick family member, etc.) we are happy to make an exception, just let the instructor know beforehand. 

Can I ask the instructor about an injury?

  • It is always appropriate to talk to the instructor about any existing physical conditions so they can offer you modifications and help with the use of props. If you are under a doctor’s care, please be sure to discuss taking yoga classes.

What if I’m not flexible?

  • You do not have to be flexible or strong to come to yoga. You can rest and take modifications provided by the instructor. You will find  yourself becoming more flexible and strong with each class. Remember, change may be slow, but it’s inevitable. Baby steps.

Can I leave during class?

  • To keep disruptions to a minimum, please arrive on time and stay for the entire class. If there is a reason you need to leave easily, please let the instructor know in advance. It is recommended that you exit quietly before final relaxation.

Is ASCEND a hot studio?

  • No. Our thermostat is set no higher than 75 degrees.

Things to know:

  • Upon arrival, you will check into the facility at the front desk then head upstairs.
  • Shoes are kept outside the door and personal belongings can be kept inside the studio. 
  • Please power off your phone in the studio. 
  • Yoga is so much more than a physical practice. Yoga consists of 8-limbs, the postures (asanas) are just one of the eight limbs.
  • You can ask the instructor any questions you may have and we will do our best to answer. 
  • Resting, typically in child’s pose, during class is normal and ok.