Unless specifically noted, all offerings below are for ASCEND Pittsburgh only. We'll gradually add ASCEND Youngstown offerings below and they will also be noted HERE.

ASCEND fitness classes operate on a first come first serve basis, so be sure to register by booking online using the calendar below (or by downloading the RGPro Connect app), calling in, or stopping by the front desk. A day pass at ASCEND includes unlimited climbing, use of our fitness equipment, and one class - yoga or fitness - which is obviously pretty awesome. If you're a member, register for any fitness or yoga class for free! For day pass and membership rates, check out our Visiting ASCEND page. Not into group classes? Don't worry, you can use the climbing and fitness areas anytime ASCEND is open without a reservation or signing up for a class, but only if you were taught how to share.

Interested in more that just fitness programming? View the ALL ASCEND Events and Classes Calendar.


ASCEND offers a schedule of varied fitness programming to help athletes integrate strength training into their routines, learn proper techniques for lifting, and stay safe & injury free. Establishing and maintaining a well-rounded fitness routine will benefit you in and out of the gym.

Boot Camp

Start your day off with some high intensity and highly focused boot camp cereal. You'll have to come to this one to learn more!


Cross Training

30-60 minutes of high intensity work utilizing barbells, kettlebells, and bodyweight to build strength, endurance, and overall fitness.



Go beyond traditional sit-ups and planks with elevated core moves while building strong joints with intelligently programmed auxiliary exercises geared toward mobility and stability.


Personal Training

Personal Training at ASCEND includes everything from classic fitness training to climbing coaching, all designed for YOU in a 1-on-1 setting. Whether you'd like to send V10, get in shape for epic hikes, or recover from/prevent injury, we got you. Meet with a trainer, discuss your goals, and be on your way to your next challenge. Pricing will vary depending on your needs.

Did you know that all EFT members receive a complimentary Fitness Consultation? Think of this as the first step in curating your personal fitness experience by establishing a plan.


Sara Middleton

A lifelong athlete with a B.S. in Exercise Physiology, Sara has a passion for fitness and the outdoors, as well as providing a supportive and informational foundation for her clients. While the bulk of Sara's experience is in fitness, coaching climbers was an easy transition. Sara will help you excel in every step of your indoor or outdoor adventure.  

Clayton Weakley - PT Only

Using the Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) System, we will evaluate the functioning of every single joint in your body to determine where you have dysfunction, pain, and/or limited range of motion. After the full-body movement assessment, I will take some time to create a written mobility training program for you to follow in order to move more effectively without pain. You can email me at [email protected] to get started with your first session. Learn more on my website: // IG - @clayton.moves