Please mind our cancellation policy and do not show up without having a reservation on weekday evenings after 4p or anytime on weekends. Consider downloading the RGPro Connect Mobile App from the Apple Store or Google Play to make booking easier. When selecting your reservations below, please know that:

  • other programs, such as yoga, fitness, climbing classes, etc, occur independent of the 2-hour climbing sessions, and must be directly registered for in order to participate. Participants of those other non-climbing session programs should not also register for a 2-hour climbing session. Instead, they may climb before or after their class/program. In short, if you register for something that falls within a 2-hour session, you have access to the facility for that entire session(s).
  • to cancel a reservation, you must call, send us a message, or better yet, submit through the RGPro Connect Mobile App.
ASCEND Pittsburgh
Master Calendar

ASCEND Pittsburgh does not require reservations from Monday - Friday from 7a - 4p (WEEKDAYS ONLY). Guests will be required to check in AND check out.

ASCEND Youngstown
Master Calendar

ASCEND Youngstown does not require reservations from Monday - Friday from 10a - 4p (WEEKDAYS ONLY). Guests will be required to check in AND check out.

Our Commitment

Due to the nature of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and our desire to keep our community healthy and strong, some aspects of our operations will be impacted. We ask that you review the information below before arriving to an ASCEND facility, as there precautions and a reservation system. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding while we make our way back toward normalcy.

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent business closure and limited reopening has ushered in unprecedented, daily challenges for conducting business. With constantly fluid information and guidelines from authorities, we want to make one thing clear - our commitment to our customers and our employees remains constant - by maintaining transparent communication through this crisis and balance the needs of our employees, our members, and the future of ASCEND through thoughtful decision-making.

  • Reservations are required on weekday evenings after 4p or anytime on weekends in order to maintain suitable capacity levels and provide a systematic cleaning regiment. Make your reservations above and click here to purchase a day pass or become a member.
  • Let's talk about capacity.
    • As we edge toward a hopefully safer world in the coming months, we will gradually phase in some new operational procedures in order to provide a more open, yet safe environment. Potential changes include, but are not limited to, not requiring reservations during off-peak hours, removing 15 minute gaps between sessions, and increasing facility capacity. All of these changes come with one key procedural change that will impact you: everyone will now only be required to check in, but you will also be asked to check out, as well as now displaying a capacity counter, which shows how many visitors are in the facility at a given time.
    • At ASCEND Pittsburgh during the pandemic, we have been mandated to a maximum of 50% capacity, or 248 - but this is many more people than a mega-busy, pre-pandemic weekday night. The current legal COVID capacity at ASCEND Youngstown is 45, based on physical distancing guidelines provided by the state of Ohio. However, factoring in logistical considerations and a conservative approach to public health, we've kept the ASCEND Pittsburgh capacity between 50-100 people, and the ASCEND Youngstown between 15-40.
    • Please note that the capacity counter will show the total number of visitors in the facility, including participants in programs like yoga classes and the A-Team, for example, in addition to people who are just visiting for climbing. This could result in the capacity counter showing vacancy in the facility when in fact the available number of climbing slots is full.
    • Prior to the pandemic, ASCEND Pittsburgh was approaching unsustainable levels of business where peak hours could feel too busy. When the facility is packed with people, the energy can feel great, but there is a point at which the collective experience suffers and safety becomes more of an issue. We had already begun to brainstorm what a maximum number of people would be and how it could be managed, and then the pandemic hit forcing us to think a lot more about it! We don't like or want to impose restrictions, but we also don't want you to have a subpar or an unsafe time when visiting. Think of it this way... would a movie theater sell more tickets than available seats?
    • We are telling you all of this so that you have a full understanding of some of the factors behind our decisions. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please send us a message!
  • Will you turn people away once capacity is reached? Great question. The only reason we would consider removing sessions during off-peak hours is because we believe that capacity will simply not be reached. Should that change, we will reevaluate our procedures. When it comes time to remove reservations during peak times, we will likely not turn people away, but will deploy other strategies to keep numbers in check. Ultimately, the capacity counter will act as a barometer for how busy a facility is and will allow visitors who prefer quieter times to postpone their visit for another time.
  • Staff and guests must wear masks/cloth face coverings whenever possible, except if having trouble breathing, feeling lightheaded or dizzy, or while eating or drinking. Face coverings must adhere to the most current CDC Guidelines.
  • Everyone must maintain recommended hygiene and social distancing measures, and stay home if feeling sick or have had known contact with someone who is sick.
  • Showers and drinking fountains are not in use, though you may refill your personal water bottle.
  • Rental shoes, harnesses, and belay equipment will be available, but not chalk bags, yoga mats, props, and some fitness equipment. Please bring your own yoga mats and other personal items.
  • We recommend that people use liquid chalk, but we will still allow loose chalk. Liquid chalk has the added benefit of reducing chalk in the air which is better for our lungs as well as our air filters. Additionally, there is new researching being presented that climbing chalk significantly reduces Coronavirus.
  • Acro yoga is not permitted anywhere in the facility, but we still have so much love for our acro community.
  • Member guest passes may be used by registering your guest as a Day Pass participant within the booking system.
  • Our retail stores are open to the public - reservations not required.
  • Enjoying isolation? We offer personal fitness, yoga, climbing, and slacklining instruction, as well as privately guided outdoor trips. INQUIRE NOW!
  • Not ready to come back? ASCEND To Go is our online platform designed to keep you connected and in-shape whenever you're unable to visit an ASCEND location. Including fitness workouts and pro-tips, yoga classes and at home practice ideas, climbing technique and drills, rope skills tutorials, club virtual hangouts, and the ASCEND Blog.
  • Need gear? Check out our brand-new online retail store, stocked with climbing gear, ASCEND merchandise, and concessions!
  • Additional measures include: electrostatic disinfectant spray, increased air filtration measures, including higher airflow, installation of MERV-13 filters, and changing filters more frequently, greater access to hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray, toilet seat lids, and step-and-pulls on doors.
... above all else, treat our staff and your fellow climbers with kindness and respect.
Contact Tracing

In an effort to better the ASCEND community and in the vein of total transparency, we will list below COVID-19 exposures that may affect you. Guests occasionally alert us when they have tested postive for COVID-19, and have also recently visited an ASCEND location. We encourage all guests in this situation to make us aware, so that we may in turn make our community aware. We will never expose your identity, merely when you have visited. As per CDC guidelines, it is recommended that we include all visits from two days prior to that person either testing positive or exhibiting symptoms through the most recent visit. Below is a list of visits to ASCEND that meet the above criteria.

  • May 7, 10:15a-12:30p (Climbing Session) - ASCEND Pittsburgh
  • December 3, 6:15p-8:15a (Climbing Session) - ASCEND Pittsburgh
  • December 2, 1:45p-3:45p (Climbing Session) - ASCEND Pittsburgh
  • December 1, 9:15a-11:15a (Climbing Session) - ASCEND Pittsburgh
  • November 8, 8:00a-3:00p (Climbing Session) - ASCEND Pittsburgh
  • November 9, 6:30a-3:30p (Climbing Session) - ASCEND Pittsburgh
  • October 2, 5:30p-7:30p (Climbing Session) - ASCEND Pittsburgh
  • July 7, 5:30p-7:30p (Climbing Session) - ASCEND Pittsburgh
  • July 1, 8p-10p (Climbing Session) - ASCEND Pittsburgh
  • July 1, 7a-9a (Climbing Session) - ASCEND Pittsburgh
  • June 30, 8p-10p (Climbing Session + 8p-9p Yoga Session) - ASCEND Pittsburgh

We continue to take extraordinary steps to keep all ASCEND locations clean for all guest visits, to stand firmly by our policy regarding masks and face coverings and its positive impact, to promote social distancing, and to work hard to maintain transparency with our guests and employees throughout this pandemic.  Should you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team, but we’d encourage you to review the following information to help inform you of current guidelines regarding possible COVID-19 exposure and what to do if you believe you are sick:

Thank you for your support of ASCEND and for being a member of our community.