Important Information

In light of the CDC's new assessment regarding COVID-19 Community Levels -- Allegheny County is GREEN (Low) + Mahoning County is GREEN (Low) -- beginning Monday 3/14, all masking requirements will be lifted. We will continue to provide clean, well-ventilated, and healthy spaces for our guests and team members. 

We fully realize that not everyone will love this news, while others will rejoice. Many will find themselves indifferent or conflicted. For those in our community feeling let down or left behind, we sincerely apologize for how this policy change may impact you. We recognize that there is not a one size fits all solution to this.

We also realize that many will still choose to wear a mask for sometime, which we support. The choice is now for the individual to make, though, we are hopeful for a more informed, selfless, proactive, and empathetic society to continue to think of how their choices may impact others. As an organization, we still firmly promote vaccines and masking up/staying home when not feeling well. This pandemic will likely continue to ebb and flow with yet more considerations to come before becoming endemic, and so ASCEND will remain attentive, caring, and informed throughout.

Thank you so much for your understanding and continued patience.