Our Commitment

Due to the nature of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and our desire to keep our community healthy and strong, some aspects of our operations will be impacted. We ask that you review the information below before arriving to an ASCEND facility, as there precautions and a mandatory reservation system. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding while we make our way back toward normalcy.

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent business closure and limited reopening has ushered in unprecedented, daily challenges for conducting business. With constantly fluid information and guidelines from authorities, we want to make one thing clear - our commitment to our customers and our employees remains constant - by maintaining transparent communication through this crisis and balance the needs of our employees, our members, and the future of ASCEND through thoughtful decision-making.


Please do not show up without having a reservation and mind our cancellation policy. Consider downloading the RGPro Connect Mobile App from the Apple Store or Google Play to make booking easier. When selecting your reservations below, please know that:

  • other programs, such as yoga, fitness, climbing classes, etc, occur independent of the 2-hour climbing sessions, and must be directly registered for in order to participate. Participants of those other non-climbing session programs should not also register for a 2-hour climbing session. Instead, they may climb before or after their class/program. In short, if you register for something that falls within a 2-hour session, you have access to the facility for that entire session(s).
  • to cancel a reservation, you must call, send us a message, or better yet, submit through the RGPro Connect Mobile App.
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  • Reservations are required in order to maintain suitable capacity levels and provide a systematic cleaning regiment. Click here to purchase a day pass or become a member.
  • Staff and guests must wear masks/cloth face coverings whenever possible, except if having trouble breathing, feeling lightheaded or dizzy, or while eating or drinking. Face coverings must adhere to the most current CDC Guidelines.
  • Everyone must maintain recommended hygiene and social distancing measures, and stay home if feeling sick or have had known contact with someone who is sick.
  • Showers and drinking fountains are not in use, though you may refill your personal water bottle.
  • Rental shoes, harnesses, and belay equipment will be available, but not chalk bags, yoga mats, props, and some fitness equipment. Please bring your own yoga mats and other personal items.
  • We recommend that people use liquid chalk, but we will still allow loose chalk. Liquid chalk has the added benefit of reducing chalk in the air which is better for our lungs as well as our air filters. Additionally, there is new researching being presented that climbing chalk significantly reduces Coronavirus.
  • Acro yoga is not permitted anywhere in the facility, but we still have so much love for our acro community.
  • Member guest passes may be used by registering your guest as a Day Pass participant within the booking system.
  • Our retail stores are open to the public - reservations not required.
  • Enjoying isolation? We offer personal fitness, yoga, climbing, and slacklining instruction, as well as privately guided outdoor trips. INQUIRE NOW!
  • Not ready to come back? ASCEND To Go is our online platform designed to keep you connected and in-shape whenever you're unable to visit an ASCEND location. Including fitness workouts and pro-tips, yoga classes and at home practice ideas, climbing technique and drills, rope skills tutorials, club virtual hangouts, and the ASCEND Blog.
  • Need gear? Check out our brand-new online retail store, stocked with climbing gear, ASCEND merchandise, and concessions!
  • Additional measures include: electrostatic disinfectant spray, increased air filtration measures, including higher airflow, installation of MERV-13 filters, and changing filters more frequently, greater access to hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray, toilet seat lids, and step-and-pulls on doors.
... above all else, treat our staff and your fellow climbers with kindness and respect.
Contact Tracing

In an effort to better the ASCEND community and in the vein of total transparency, we will list below COVID-19 exposures that may affect you. Guests occasionally alert us when they have tested postive for COVID-19, and have also recently visited an ASCEND location. We encourage all guests in this situation to make us aware, so that we may in turn make our community aware. We will never expose your identity, merely when you have visited. As per CDC guidelines, it is recommended that we include all visits from two days prior to that person either testing positive or exhibiting symptoms through the most recent visit. Below is a list of visits to ASCEND that meet the above criteria.

  • December 3, 6:15p-8:15a (Climbing Session) - ASCEND Pittsburgh
  • December 2, 1:45p-3:45p (Climbing Session) - ASCEND Pittsburgh
  • December 1, 9:15a-11:15a (Climbing Session) - ASCEND Pittsburgh
  • November 8, 8:00a-3:00p (Climbing Session) - ASCEND Pittsburgh
  • November 9, 6:30a-3:30p (Climbing Session) - ASCEND Pittsburgh
  • October 2, 5:30p-7:30p (Climbing Session) - ASCEND Pittsburgh
  • July 7, 5:30p-7:30p (Climbing Session) - ASCEND Pittsburgh
  • July 1, 8p-10p (Climbing Session) - ASCEND Pittsburgh
  • July 1, 7a-9a (Climbing Session) - ASCEND Pittsburgh
  • June 30, 8p-10p (Climbing Session + 8p-9p Yoga Session) - ASCEND Pittsburgh

We continue to take extraordinary steps to keep all ASCEND locations clean for all guest visits, to stand firmly by our policy regarding masks and face coverings and its positive impact, to promote social distancing, and to work hard to maintain transparency with our guests and employees throughout this pandemic.  Should you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our team, but we’d encourage you to review the following information to help inform you of current guidelines regarding possible COVID-19 exposure and what to do if you believe you are sick:

Thank you for your support of ASCEND and for being a member of our community.

Important Messages


Good evening, ASCEND community:

Here we are again, still at the mercy of regulation and in the name of public health. We are disappointed to have to close our doors yet again, and fixated on the nuances that could justify climbing facilities to operate more safely than other businesses. But that doesn't matter, because, we believe in the common goal of slowing the spread of this disease to mitigate further destruction within our communities. We urge you to educate yourselves on the new Pennsylvania mitigation measures that were announced yesterday.

In accordance with those measures, ASCEND Pittsburgh will be closed to all climbing, fitness, yoga, and other related activities, starting tomorrow, Saturday, Dec. 12 through Sunday, Jan. 3, 2021.

However, our retail store and customer service lines will remain open from 9a - 5p, 7 days a week, except for December 24 and 25. Virtual programming will expand greatly, and we'd love for you to get involved.

Please note that ASCEND Youngstown will remain open as it has been.

This closure exacerbates the continued challenge of keeping our team employed and in an era of serious hardship, and it's our sincere hope to continue to employ and pay as much of our team throughout this limited closure as possible. So we are asking you for your help - if you are willing and/or able:

  • EFT Members - you have already paid for the remainder of December through your monthly membership fee. We sincerely ask that you consider NOT submitting a request for a partial refund for the month. Your dues are instrumental in keeping ASCEND humming along each month, and this month is extra difficult for us financially. We truly do not wish to be a burden on anyone, but we humbly ask that those who can afford, do afford.
  • Prepaid Memberships with a balance of days remaining on their membership will automatically be frozen tomorrow and resumed on January 4. Please contact us if you have any questions about this or if you are interested in donating that time back to us by letting your membership run during the closure.
  • Donate. It's uncomfortable for us to ask for donations, but many have asked about contributing, so if you're eager to hook it up, we'll put it to good use.
  • Make a purchase! Instead of, or in addition to a donation, pay it forward by taking advantage of one of holiday sales or by picking up some gear at our online store:
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    • Online Store - NEW + IMPROVED! Free shipping over $50, and use code ASCEND10 to get 10% off of orders over $100.

For our EFT member who are undoubtably wondering: What about January 1 billing? Great question! Fear not, unless we are 100% confident that the gym will reopen on the 4th as planned, we are not going to bill anyone for their dues.

However, if reopening is certain, then we plan to bill current members for January on or after the 1st of the month in full. We hope you understand that keeping this consistency is crucial for our operations, and so we’d sincerely appreciate you throwing us a bone on those first 3 days of the month, as well as refraining from preemptively freezing your membership for January on the off-chance that the closure is extended. Again, we won’t bill anyone on the 1st of January unless we are certain we are opening on the 4th.

Thank you all so much for reading, and for quite literally everything. We will get through this together, and we will do so with smiles on our faces, exuding positivity.


It's uncomfortable for us to ask for donations, but many have asked about contributing, so if you're eager to hook it up, we'll put it to good use. This pandemic exacerbates the continued challenge of keeping our team employed and in an era of serious hardship, and it's our sincere hope to continue to employ and pay as much of our team throughout this limited closure as possible. So we are asking you for your help - if you are willing and/or able.