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We are gearing up to reopen ASCEND Pittsburgh and ASCEND Youngstown's doors! Due to the nature of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and our desire to keep our community healthy and strong, some aspects of our operations will be impacted. We ask that you review the information below before arriving to an ASCEND facility, as there are restrictions, considerations, and a mandatory reservation system. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding while we make our way back toward normalcy. This information is subject to change, so check back here for the most up-to-date information.


  • Guests must make a reservation before entering.
  • Staff and customers must wear masks/cloth face coverings at all times.
  • Everyone must maintain recommended hygiene and social distancing measures.
  • Showers and drinking fountains are not in use, though you may refill your personal water bottle.
  • Please read everything below, follow all posted signs in the facilities, and treat our staff and your fellow climbers with kindness and respect.


  • ASCEND Youngstown opens on Monday, June 1st, by reservation only, for members only, including members of ASCEND Pittsburgh.
  • ASCEND Pittsburgh's opening date is still unknown, but will also be by reservation only, for members only. Stay tuned for an opening date to be announced! Before ASCEND Pittsburgh opens its doors for climbing, fitness, and yoga, the retail store is open by appointment only!
  • Punch Passes and Day Passes will be gradually phased in as soon as we have a better understanding of capacity trends.


  • ASCEND Youngstown EFT members who opted out of billing via the COVID-19 Member Update Form will be automatically billed on June 1 and reinstated as a member. Prepaid memberships that were paused will automatically resume on June 1. If you have any questions about this, please complete this form or call 330-330-8878.
  • ASCEND Pittsburgh EFT members who opted out of billing via the COVID-19 Member Update Form will be automatically billed on opening day (TBA) and reinstated as a member. Prepaid memberships that were paused will automatically resume on that opening day. ASCEND Pittsburgh members who have continued paying dues throughout the closure will be billed on June 1. If you'd like to opt-out of that billing, please complete this form. If you have any questions about this, please complete this form or call 412-745-2141.
  • Frozen members will remain frozen through the date communicated when the freeze request was initiated. If a frozen member would like to visit either facility, please reserve your space online and our staff will unfreeze you once you check in.

RESERVATIONS are required to enter a facility. Please do not show up without having a reservation! Click below for details and to get climbing and consider downloading the RGPro Connect Mobile App from the Apple Store or Google Play to make booking easier.



Other than reservations, what’s most important to know?

  • Face Coverings: Employees and guests must wear face coverings (masks) at all times. This includes during check in, in the restrooms and locker rooms, and during climbing, working out, and yoga. Face coverings must cover both the mouth and nose, but may be temporarily lowered to drink or eat. ASCEND will not be providing masks so please bring your own.
  • Social Distancing: Guests must respect at least 6 feet of social distance at all times. Certain areas of the gym will have limited capacity to avoid overcrowding. If you visit with someone who you reside with, you do not have to social distance, but we ask for everyone to use common sense and discretion.
  • Wash Hands: Please wash your hands before and after climbing, as well as at various times throughout your climbing session. Hand sanitizer will also be available throughout the gym, and we want you to use it. Also, please refrain from touching your face.
  • Stay Home: If you feel sick or know that you’ve been with someone who is sick, you must stay home. This is not only a state mandate, but it is the responsible thing to do. Please do not risk spreading illness to your friends and community!

What is ASCEND doing?

  • Maintaining suitable capacity levels and facility loads via the reservation systems and controlling flow in certain areas. Our maximum capacity number may fluctuate, but always with employee and customer safety as the limiting factor.
  • Increased continuous cleaning measures, as well as providing time between reservation slots to deeper clean commonly used areas.
  • The entire space will be professionally disinfected using an electrostatic spray multiple times a month.
  • Increased air filtration, capacity, and changing filters more frequently where applicable.
  • Greater access to hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray to use in the facility.
  • Certain equipment, including rental chalk bags, yoga mats, and other equipment/props will not be made available.
  • Setting boulder problems with the goal of influencing climber distancing measures. Really though, this is up to you and even in non-pandemic times, we could all give each other more space while on the wall, amirite?!

What else is good to know?

  • Water fountains and showers are unavailable (BYO water bottle to fill).
  • Guests and staff will be disinfecting fitness equipment, auto-belay carabiners, tables and chairs, benches, and other surfaces before and after use.
  • Read and follow all posted signs in the facility. Some areas will have specific rules, capacities, and instructions.
  • Please close the toilet seat lid before flushing, and use the step-and-pulls on doors where available.
  • Please enter the facility with as little as possible. Try to avoid using the changing area and bringing in numerous bags. Reduce your personal load while in the facility, such as carrying fewer items with you as you move from climb to climb.
  • We ask that once you’re in the facility that you stay in until you’re ready to head out for good.
  • We recommend that people use liquid chalk, but we will still allow loose chalk. Liquid chalk typically contains anywhere from 30-80% alcohol content and many have suggested that it can be used similarly to hand sanitizer, however, the research is very limited on the efficacy of liquid chalk. (Here is a good article if you’re interested.) Still though, liquid chalk has the added benefit of reducing chalk in the air which is better for our lungs as well as our air filters.

Will there be rental equipment?

  • Rental shoes, harnesses, and belay equipment will be available, but not chalk bags. Rented items will be properly cleaned before put back into use. Additionally, yoga mats, props, and some fitness equipment will not be available, so please bring your own yoga mats and other personal items that you require.

May I buy a membership?

May I use my member guest passes?

  • Sorry, not at this time.

Will yoga and fitness classes be offered?

  • The exact yoga and fitness class schedule is TBD, but we plan to offer classes at a very reduced capacity.

Will other programs be offered? 

  • For the time being, there will not be any climbing programs (Learn to Top-Rope, Boulder Basics, Sport Climbing, etc). Our Youth Climbing Team is also unavailable at this time. We will continue to evaluate these programs and start them back up as soon as it is appropriate.

*We’ll keep adding to this list as we assemble more information.



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The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent business closure and limited reopening has ushered in unprecedented, daily challenges for conducting business. With constantly fluid information and guidelines from authorities, we want to make one thing clear - our commitment to our customers and our employees remains constant - by maintaining transparent communication through this crisis and balance the needs of our employees, our members, and the future of ASCEND through thoughtful decision-making.