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Get to Know Rachel - Staff Spotlight Series

Welcome back to our Staff Spotlight Series! Let's jump in and get to know Rachel Dobos. 

1) Give us the basics!
I've worked at ASCEND since July 2017. I teach Acroyoga & work at the front desk. I live in my van w/ Wade & my dog Holly!! <3 Holly is the best and if you look at Basenjis on Wikipedia, it says they're great climbers. So you know, it runs in the family.

2) So what do you do when you're not at ASCEND?
Luckily, most of my hobbies take me back to ASCEND. I'm really interested in cooking, and trying new foods. I Iove reading about women's health and Ayurveda. Perhaps most of all, biking around Pittsburgh in the summertime-- usually en route to drink margaritas.

3) Where have you been and where do you want to go?
My FAVORITE spot on our recent road trip was San Antonio Hot Springs in Jemez Mountains, New Mexico. It's a 5.5 mile, easy, flat hike that traverses the slope of the mountains. You end up in a cascade of perfect-temperature pools, overlooking rocky vistas and pine trees. A close second was a highline in a cave Wade rigged in Sedona.

4) Let's get personal, what are you grateful for, right now?
I'm grateful for so much time to myself + the little sprouts of neon green popping out of the bushes.

Give Rachel a shout when you see her in the gym or on her bike to get margs!